The local cuisine offers a wide variety of traditional foods, sweets and drinks customarily made with genuine local ingredients which ensure healthy nutritious and delicious dining. The visitor can expect plentiful traditional Greek dishes with the scent of oregano, parsley, basil, mint, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

The local cuisine is characterised by meat dishes, cheese-based dishes and pies which go a long way to making up a delicious spread of table. The ingredients are based on the healthy delicious olive oil, vegetables, grains and fish from the Mediterranean which are the bases of the Mediterranean diet. The majority of these can be enjoyed in the restaurants and taverns of the area.

The local dishes are served with white or red wine which is produced in the area and there is a wide variety of wines of different types on offer from the rest of Greece and the world. Furthermore ouzo or tsipouro made from arbutus berries or grapes are biological local drinks to accompany the traditional mezes.

There is a wide variety of local liqueurs made with traditional methods with fruits such as cranberries, blackberries, mandarins and bitter almonds, which can be found in abundance in the whole region.

Traditional sweet fruit syrups, jams, compotes, honey and apicultural products bring images, tastes and smells of times past. The products are made in traditional factories with non-automated production methods to maintain top quality and homemade tastes made only from fruits collected from the surrounding mountains. Some of the delights on offer are syrups from fig, cherry, apricot, water-melon, pumpkin, apple, kiwi, orange, bergamot and mandarin. Furthermore delicious jams are made from strawberry, cherry, kiwi, quince and orange.