There are nine refuges operating on Olympus which cover the needs of visitors, hikers, walkers, climbers and mountaineers on an annual basis. Additionally there are a further six refuges at pivotal points along the main routes to the peaks of Mount Olympus which are called necessity refuges and are sparse in design and specifically provided to cater for visitors in times of need.


Refuge A or Spilios Agapitos Refuge

Built at an altitude of 2100 m at the location of Balkoni on Olympus it sleeps 110 people and has a restaurant. It operates from mid- May to the end of October.

Telephone: (23520) 81800 or 81329

Hellenic Hiking Association Refuge or Giosos Apostolidis Refuge

Built at an altitude of 2700 m this is the highest refuge in Greece located next to Profitis Ilias peak. Sleeps 101 people and has an organised kitchen. Functions from June 15 to October 7.

Telephone: (2310) 224710

Petrostrouga Refuge

The area of Petrostrouga is home to a new refuge built at an altitude of 2000 m which sleeps 80 people. (Information: Olympus National Park Management Agency, Tel.: 23520-83000 and Municipality of Litochoro, Tel.: 23523-50100).

Refuge C or Christos Kakkalos Refuge

Located at the edge of Mouson Plateau and built at an altitude of 2650 m this refuge commands an impressive view of the high peaks and of the sea. It sleeps 22 people and operates from mid-June to the end of September and some weekends in May, June and October depending on the weather conditions.

Telephone: (693) 7361689

Refuge D or Stavros Refuge or Dimitrios Boundolas Refuge

The refuge is located in Stavros next to the asphalt road at an altitude of 944 m. It sleeps 30 people and has a very well organised kitchen and due to the ease of access functions essentially as a restaurant. From this refuge an amazing view over Pieria Plain and the sea can be enjoyed. The refuge is open daily from the beginning of May to the end of October and all the weekends of the year and during holidays.

Telephone: (23520) 84100

Refuge B or Vrysopoules Refuge or KEOAX Refuge

The refuge is located on the south side of Mount Olympus at an altitude of 1800 m above Mavratza Gorge. It sleeps 25 people, but due to its location on military owned land (Military Alpine Combat and Ski Training Centre), it is necessary to contact the military base before hand, especially during the winter months, by calling: 24930-62163 or 24930-23467 Elassona Skiing and Mountaineering Association. It should be noted that the refuge does not provide blankets.

Krevatia Vrontou Refuge

Built at an altitude of 1000 m the refuge sleeps 20 people and functions all the weekends of the year (Information: 6978-278548 and Olympus National Park Management Agency, Tel.: 23520-83000).

Koromilia Leptokarya Refuge

This brand new refuge sleeps 16 people and is built at an altitude of 950 m in an area that used to be difficult to access. (Information: Anatolikos Olympus Municipality, Tel.: 23520-31242).

Koromilia Dion Refuge

This new refuge (sleeps 20 people) is built at an altitude of approximately 1000 m and commands a view of the Thermaikos Gulf. It can be accessed via the forested road from Agios Konstantinos (Information: Olympus National Park Management Agency, Tel.: 23520-83000 and Dion Municipality, Tel.: 23513-51000).


These refuges are small buildings which can be used in the winter in cases of emergency. Basically they simply offer a shelter and in some there are beds. The capacity of the refuges in visitor numbers is purely indicative and in times of need more people can fit. These refuges are only for use in times of emergency.




Agios Antonios

2817 m

9 people

Ano Pigadi

1400 m

18 people


2550 m

10 people


2450 m

6 people

Livadaki – National Park Post

2100 m

5 people

Salatoura– Fire-warden post

1850 m

6 people