According to Article 15 paragraph 2 of Law 2742/1999, among the responsibilities of the Management Agency are:

The responsibility to implement regulations regarding the administration and operation of the protected objects and the management plans.

The monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of regulatory conditions and restrictions as well as of regulations regarding the administration, operation and management plans. In this context, the management agencies arrange for the collection, classification and treatment of environmental data and data on their areas of responsibility and for the establishment and operation of relevant databases and documentation, in accordance with existing national standards.

The approval of the environmental conditions of projects and activities that fall within the areas of their responsibility, and any other matter for which the competent authorities consult them.

The assistance of competent administrative and judicial authorities in monitoring the implementation of environmental legislation and environmental and planning conditions imposed or applied respectively for projects or activities that take place in areas of their responsibility. For this purpose, management agencies recommend or refer to the competent authorities the acts or omissions that constitute a violation of the conditions and restrictions laid down by the Presidential Decrees of paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 21 of N.1650/1986 of their liability areas. For the same purpose, management agencies make available to the competent authorities the necessary tools and staff required for the implementation of decisions with which sanctions or other measures that protect the region are imposed.

The compilation of studies and researches and the enforcement of techniques or other projects which are included in the project management and the corresponding action plans that are necessary for the protection, conservation, restoration and enhancement of the protected objects within their area of responsibility.

The assumption or execution of National or European programmes and actions related to their area of responsibility, which promote or raise the purposes of management of the protected objects.

The information, education and training of the population in issues which are attributable to the functions and purposes of the management and protection of areas of their responsibility.

The promotion, support, organization and implementation of programmes related to tourism, the licensing of a tourist guide or a scientific research, technical testing and analysis, within the limits of the protected objects, in accordance with the specific terms and conditions specified in the Presidential Decrees of paragraphs 1 and 2 of Article 21 of N.1650/1986 and in the administration and operation Regulation of the protected object. The grant quality and cooperation mark in businesses operating within the protected objects in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in the administration and operation Regulation of the protected area.

The management of public lands granted to the Agency or leased by it in accordance with the current provisions, as well as the hiring of private land which is in the area of its responsibility and the carrying out of the necessary interventions according to the administration and operation Regulation and the Management Plan.